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Wanted Poster Template of the Wild West (Printable)

Wanted poster template

The notorious age of “wild west”, where you can see wanted posters across over the country.  You can use this wanted poster template to have a wild west style fun with your friends and family.

Wanted posters frequently have a bounty for the capture of the person. Bounties are incentives provided to the citizens by the government to promote law enforcement

Authentic wanted posters of the Old West are extremely rare.

Our printable wanted poster template can be customized. You can include a photo of your choice with the name as an alleged criminal whom authorities wish to apprehend.

Wanted Poster Template

You can also customize the bounty or reward for the whoever catches the wanted criminal that is advertised on the poster.

Size: 11″ x 8.5″ (US Letter Size)

Available format: 300 DPI PDF and JPEG


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Famous Wanted Poster Through Out The History

Jack The Ripper Wanted Poster

jack the ripper wanted poster

Billy The Kid Wanted Poster

billy the kid wanted poster

Pablo Escobar Wanted Poster

pablo escober wanted poster

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