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Minecraft Party Supplies [11+ Printables]

minecraft party supplies

From the ‘explosive’ TNT rolls to the Minecraft birthday party invitation, this post has all the Minecraft party supply that is required to pull off a great Minecraft birthday party.

Minecraft is one of the games that every kid loves to play because it involves a lot of digging and action.

Creating a Minecraft birthday party doesn’t involve any digging and will surely leave a lasting impression – if done well.

Let’s jump right into the Minecraft party supplies

  1. Minecraft birthday party invitation
  2. Minecraft Birthday Party Bundle
  3. Minecraft Banner – All Alphabets & Numbers
  4. Minecraft “TNT” Labels Wraps
  5. Minecraft Bottle Wraps
  6. Minecraft Thank You Cards and Tags
  7. Minecraft Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers
  8. Minecraft Treat Bag Topper
  9. Minecraft Folding Tent Card
  10. Minecraft Popcorn / Peanut Candy Box
  11. Minecraft Candy Box
  12. Minecraft Party Hats

The good news is that it is easy to put together an awesome Minecraft birthday party with our printables

1. Minecraft birthday party invitation

Minecraft birthday invitation

It is always a good idea to hand out your Minecraft birthday party invitations a few weeks to the party so that you will know the size of the audience you will be expecting.

A Minecraft birthday party invitation will involve a lot of customized blocks – which is what Minecraft stands for.

To make the Minecraft birthday invitation more realistic we have design it using Minecraft font.

2. The Minecraft Birthday Party Bundle

minecraft birthday party bundle

The Minecraft birthday party bundle includes all Minecraft birthday printable to make an awesome Minecraft birthday party.

This bundle includes ranging from Minecraft birthday games, Minecraft birthday banner to Minecraft birthday invitation.

There are total 11 printable available for instant download included in the Minecraft birthday party bundle.

3. Minecraft Banner – All Alphabets & Numbers

Minecraft birthday banner

Bricked-dirt and grass have become almost like a trademark for Minecraft.

Dirt with strips of grass on the top and bottom are also unique because you can see them from afar.

You can use this background for your banner because kids would definitely love it for the memory it evokes.

Print this background on your buntings.

4. Minecraft TNT Labels Wraps

Minecraft TNT Labels

Children love surprises!

With these Minecraft TNT label wraps you can blow their mind away. The TNT lolly is one of the treats you can give the kids that make it to your birthday.

To create this treat wrap your toilet rolls with red tissue paper.

You can print the TNT label wraps and use it to cover up just any present you want to give to your guests and watch them explode with excitement the moment they pop the wrap.

5. Minecraft Bottle Wraps

Minecraft Bottle Wraps

It is always a delight to get Portion of Healing, Portion of Swiftness, and Portion of Leaping in the game of Minecraft because of how they’ll enhance your abilities.

You can also make the kids at your birthday party feel like they have just acquired extra abilities when you offer them colored drinks in bottles wrapped with Minecraft-printed bottle wraps.

Give it a try, it’ll be fun.

6. Minecraft Thank You Cards and Tags

Minecraft Thank You Cards and Tags

It is always good to show appreciation to those who make out time from their schedule to be at your party.

You can hand out these Thank you cards which is printed on Minecraft background with Minecraft font to them.

Another creative way to say thank you to your guests is to fix “thank you tags” to the handle of their treat bags.

You can decorate these tags with pictures from Minecraft including the gold bars, cross swords and TNT. Remember it is said, “Pictures speak a thousand words”.

7. Minecraft Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers

Minecraft Cupcake Toppers

Children are always miserly when it comes to eating cupcakes because they never want it to finish.

You can heighten this excitement by wrapping your cupcake with Minecraft cupcake topers and wrappers.

Print them on paper and place them on sticky foam attached to cake pop sticks.

8. Minecraft Treat Bag Topper

Minecraft Treat Bag Toppers

Children are a sucker for treat bags. It is easy to understand because it contains a lot of goodies.

It will also serve as evidence that they had just attended a Minecraft-themed party. You can easily purchase a brown bag paper bag from Walmart for this.

Cut out a square from a green wrapping paper and paint your creeper face on it. Glue it to the body of the bag and fill the bag with lollipops.

Use an inflated balloon on which you have painted the face of your creeper as your treat bag topper. Tie this to the handle of the paper bags and hand it to the children at the end of the party.

9. Minecraft Folding Food Tent Cards

Minecraft Food Tent

No kid will reject a folding food tent card because of the goodies they contain.

Print crisscross of squares of different shades of green on the card.

Search and print out Minecraft images. Cut off the background and glue them to your folding food tent cards.

Or you can use these ready-made food tent cards

10. Minecraft Popcorn (Peanut Candy) Box

Minecraft Popcorn Box

If you will be showing the kids a movie in the Minecraft birthday party it will be fun to serve them popcorns. You can print out these Minecraft popcorn boxes.

Its better to print these on Minecraft popcorn boxes templates on hard paper or cardboard paper.

Our popcorn box is perfect for your Minecraft birthday party.

11. Minecraft Candy Box

Minecraft candy box

Candies and chocolates are the weak spots for children. They find it hard to resist and they will never have enough.

Cover your candy in these lovely Minecraft candy boxes and see how excited the kids will be when you hand them these boxes. Maintaining the element of surprise is the key.

12. Minecraft Party Hats

Minecraft Birthday Party Hats

Cone hats for parties are not difficult to make. What makes this one special is that it will be painted in stripes of two shades of green in line with the Minecraft theme for your minecraft birthday party.

Glue a Minecraft tool, item, or character on the hats so that each hat will have a different identity. Clothing children in uniforms get rid of social barriers and make them equal.

Handing out Minecraft birthday party hats to every kid at your party will be a way of achieving this uniform status.

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